X-toaster | Toaster Oven Reflow Controller


X-toaster is a controller board designed to convert any common toaster oven into an SMT reflow oven.
It can drive two external SSR to enable control of the heaters and, if present, the oven fan.
The heart of the system is an Atmel ATXmega128 which can be reprogrammed by the user through the onboard PDI connector. To amplify the signal coming from the thermocouple we selected the MAX31855 which supports any K-type non-grounded probe.
There are three profiles stored in EEprom which can be modified and re-programmed whit your own, to adapt the system to various PCBs, solder pastes and ovens.
Temperature control is provided by a custom PID algorithm with some unique predictive feature to smooth any fast changing ramps in the profile and an exclusive overshoot compensation.
GUI has been designed to work on a 3.2” color touch screen.
Safety features include a programmable timeout, two sensors to check for onboard and external over temperature, oven maximum temperature control, and hardware malfunctioning control.



MAX31855 K-type thermocouple amplifier
On Board buzzer for alarms and user notifications
Screw connectors for SSRs and thermocouple
Onboard 3.3V regulator (5V regulated input)
3.2” Color TFT display with Touch Screen which allows for standalone operations without a PC
Fast parallel LCD interface for a smooth GUI
Modified PID algorithm to address thermal inertia and hysteresis
On Board LEDs for POWER, STATUS, SSR and FAN
On Board DS18B20 + 3 pins connector for another external sensor
Three pre-programmed profiles for lead and lead-free soldering reprogrammable by the user
For a quick and general use there is no need to open and internally modify the toaster oven
Ready to be mounted on a front panel, supplied with the necessary spacers
Lead Free and RoHS compliant
Industrial temperature range: -20°C ~ +70°C
Board Size: 98mm x 96.5mm