About Us



We are a group of creative, motivated and passionate inventors based in Tuscany (Italy)
We’ve been working in the field for more than a decade with many successfully finished projects.

Breakdown Technology is a dynamic engineering lab, we like to setup teams on a project basis to have just the right persons to complete the job with the smaller cost possible.

Electronics is our passion and we are focused on quality and usability: we always think about how end users will perceive the products we made, we always try to imagine us using these devices. If we can use our products with satisfaction, then surely anybody else will be satisfied.

Since we prefer (at least for small/medium batches) to fabricate and assemble our product in-house we are also focused on manifacturability. We developed our own reflow oven controller to be able to quickly add new ovens when needed and for the medium runs we take advantage of a pick and place machine.

We always try to choose standard components to be able to source them from different suppliers and to buy larger stocks. When possible we try to avoid difficult footprints to speed up production and to limit bad boards to a minimum. For the larger batches we usually panelize our boards and provide some way to test them while still panelized.

Our mission is to keep electronic engineering enjoyable and fun even (sometimes particularly) when dealing with complex things.